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  1. Feeding & Watering
    Hi folks, I have a coop with 3 ISA browns and 4 silkies, ages ranging from 5-10 weeks old. I'm new to chickens, but recently moved into a house with an excellent chicken coop so giving it a go! At the moment I'm using a simple pipe gravity feeder and plastic gravity water feeder...
  2. Feeding & Watering
    Hello, everyone. I am currently in an Engineering class that requires me and a partner to invent a new product or innovate a current one. We chose to redesign the chicken feeder. My friend described the problems that come with the chicken feeder, but we need a multitude of other peoples'...
  3. Products / Feed / Coops Poultry Bucket Feeder Do your birds toss their head around, billing out much of the feed? Do your birds kick dirt into the feeder? Is your feeder on the ground or installed...
1-3 of 3 Results