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  1. Broody Hens & Egg Laying
    Hi, I got my first 2 hens and a rooster 2 days ago. They are desi misri chickens and are supposed to lay an egg each day. However, one of the hens laid on the first day but the other one didn't. I also made a nesting box for them out of milk crates but they haven't given any eggs since two...
  2. Egg Quality & Storage
    Lately, my hens have been laying eggs with yolks that are very pale yellow. Like grocery store eggs or maybe a hair paler than that! Any idea why they are doing this? Should I be concerned? Thanks for your help.
  3. General Chicken Discussion
    Specifically in the fenced in Greenhouse of the school Greenhouse Club where they'd have a coop. Should I get chickens? How many? Their manure might be good for compost, and they'd be a neat addition. I'm not sure about the size of the entire fenced area, maybe 10 meter squared with a 8 by 8m...
1-3 of 3 Results