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  1. My duckling

    My duckling

  2. Ducklings Bathing

    Ducklings Bathing

    Very first bath
  3. Waterfowl
    Hi folks, We own a Rouen duck as a pet. She was born on 5/28/2020. But recently we were told that the duck can't be kept because our land is less than two acres. We live in northern Virginia. We do not want to lose her, but just don't know how to do. I have two questions: 1. Any way to let us...
  4. Introductions
    We've gone from 5 hens for a few eggs to a larger flock with roos and now my daughter ordered chicken and duck eggs to incubate. HELP:eek:
  5. Waterfowl
    I have an 8 month old roeun hen. She began to lay an egg every day in the summer. About a month ago when it turned cold all of my chickens and the two ducks stopped laying. All of the birds began to lay eggs again normally about two weeks ago. Except this duck. Now I've noticed her sitting in a...
  6. Waterfowl
    I have a newer female duck that is laying eggs out of sequence. She's is a pekin around a 1 1/2 yrs old and we got her close to a month ago (we got her with a male, but we had to get rid of him, we already had a male:() She is laying soft shelled eggs but they stared getting a little harder, (...