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  1. Beginners Forum
    Are there any avian veterinarians in Texas or surrounding states that perform rooster decrowing surgery (not canonization)? I live in in southeast Texas at the moment. I have two wrongly sexed silkie and satin roos and live in southeast Texas within city limits where roosters aren’t allowed ...
  2. General Chicken Discussion
    My little Silkie roo crowed for the first time this morning! He was trying to mount my hen yesterday.
  3. Emergencies, Illness, Meds & Cures
    I have 3 Hyline hens they are all over a year old, one is a couple of months younger. Two of them have started making a lot of noise, they make a screeching sound and sometimes almost sound like they are gobbling like turkeys. The two older ones have laid one egg a day since I got them, the...
1-3 of 3 Results