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  1. Broody Hens & Egg Laying
    Oh those newbie questions….what sex is my one day old chick? Will my chickens freeze when it gets 50 degrees? 😂 I have asked variations on those, but my question today is about my 6 month old silkie. She recently started laying and is now broody - for about 5 days or so. We take her out of the...
  2. Broody Hens & Egg Laying
    I recently adopted an 18-month-old Cochin hen, and she's laid 14 eggs (one cracked) since then. She isn't setting yet and doesn't seem to be broody. How much longer should I give her before I take the eggs? Or will she ever set? Thanks in advance.
  3. General Chicken Discussion
    Hello everyone this is my first time posting here and I'm hoping and I can receive some help In total I have four chickens. Two young roosters and two adult hens. Recently I noticed that one of my hens (I call her betty) started roosting a while ago... then one of the younger males started...
  4. Incubation & Hatching
    This is our first time with BYC. We have 4, we stared with 6. We have a brooder and love them. They are good to us too. So we bought 4 fertilized eggs online and its been 23 days. Our Broody has been faithfully taking care of them, but nothing so far. Tonight I went to taka a look and...
  5. Broody Hens & Egg Laying
    I'm newish to raising hens. I have a mix of 6 girls. they are older not sure exactly as they have been rescued. All were laying. then 3 went broody. i took advice and put them into wire mesh dog type crates, some where cool for 4 days. This broke 2 of them but the 3rd just went back to the...
  6. Broody Hens & Egg Laying
    Does anyone know about the age for silkies to go broody and laying???? From what I have read, they could start as young as 5 months. I got mine when they were around 5-6 weeks old (around easter). Also, does anyone know how to sex them??? I have one white with the rooster type crest on it's...
1-6 of 6 Results