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  1. Breeds & Genetics
    Hello! My husband and I have started a small flock of chickens, primarily for egg production. We'd like a lot of color in our egg basket, so I've been looking for a blue egg-layer. Of course, the names Easter Egger and Ameraucana have come up in our search! But as the title to this thread...
  2. Breeds & Genetics
    Any opinions on which of the blue egg layers is most likely to lay blue? I guess I should mention I've pretty much given up on even the possibility of finding an Araucana... They are just too rare and expensive. And I already have 2 Easter Eggers who lay green and consider that too much of a...
  3. Chickens Five Wheaten Ameraucana chicks, hatched on June 17. They are old enough to stay outside without heat lamps in this summer weather. It appears that we have three pullets and two cockerels, since these chicks start showing their gender as...
  4. What Breed/Gender is This?
    Hi, Can anyone help sexing my 7-8 week old Ameraucana? Tnx! Richard
1-4 of 4 Results