This is "The Love Nest"

Made for 2 chickens

This is "The Love Nest"
SunnySideUpCoops, Jun 28, 2012
    • SunnySideUpCoops
      It is a 2ft long x 4ft wide housing area and a 4ft long by 4ft wide run. Perfect for 2 chickens. We closed it in because she has "Silkies" and we wouldn't want them to get wet in the rain. It has a ramp/door that can be opened and closed - up/down. It has a heart window that is screened in for ventilation. It also has 2 doors in the back, one leads to a top shelf for storage of food etc. the other large door leads to the chickens nesting box to collect the eggs, add food/water etc. A nesting box is about 1ft sq, with access from the back for easy collection of eggs. The run includes a roosting area for the chickens. However silkies don't roost, if she ever gets another chicken they will most likely roost, so they will have a spot to do so. The arms can be used for moving it about the yard or can be used to hang plants that reply flies/bugs such as basil and marigolds. Edible treats for the chickens too.
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