Rat Snake

Looks like he\'d swallowed half a dozen eggs. I wondered where they were disappearing to! When we cut him open, he\'d eaten 6 golf balls that I\'d put in the nests to teach the young pullets where to lay! Guess he had a terrible case of indigestion!

Rat Snake
wingman, Sep 21, 2012
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    • Suebeedo
      Did you cut the snake open and rescue your eggs? Ugh! ;)
    • wingman
      Yes, we did cut it open, but instead of eggs, we found the 6 golf balls that we'd put into the nesting boxes!!! (I got new golf balls...)
    • pfugate
      What impresses me the most about this picture is how there is someone actually standing next to the snake. If I found a snake in my coop I would either pass out or run screaming and lock myself in the house.
    • wingman
      It did rattle me but I quickly realized that it was probably so full it might not move much. I backed away slowly and slipped out the door of the coop and THEN ran screaming to the house to get my husband! My son used to have some pet snakes so I guess maybe that was the only thing that kept me from having a heart attack!!!! Thx for ur comment!
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