My ugly chicken " Buck" :)

This is suppose to be a frizzle hen . She is a year old. I ordered her last year from ideal poultry. For the first 6 months of her life she was completely bald so we called her Buck ...short for buck naked. She was so pitiful looking that I couldn't help but love her and couldn't cull her. She finally grew some very curly feathers. But she is losing them again :) she finally layed her first egg last week. And she doesnt get on the roost with the others. she has her own box on the ground .Any ideas on why she looks like this?

My ugly chicken " Buck" :)
Erica4481, May 15, 2013
    • DanielS
      She looks like she is a double frizzle. That makes the feathers brittle and they fall out easily. It happens when a frizzle is bred with another frizzle. That is just my understanding of it, genetics confuse me.
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    • chengdu
      What a cutie!!
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    • Tiff
      Lovely babie : -))))
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