1st egg

1st egg n a dinky 1.

1st egg
Kellence, Nov 28, 2012
    • Sylvester017
      Be proud of a pullet's first dinky egg. A pullet's first egg is usually the smallest one she'll ever lay. Subsequent eggs layed get from 1/4 to 1/2 oz larger. Personally, I like a hen that lays a medium egg to make life easier for her and for me so I don't have to deal with prolapse or egg-bound because of eggs too big for the size of the hen. I've experienced only White Leghorns have the good fortune to suffer less of these maladies regarding their large egg sizes but then by approximately age four, 45% production Leghorns are prone to reproductive tumors, cancers etc. I have found the smaller egg-size hens have less layer problems and I prefer a brooding breed to give the hen an egg-cycle rest. It's a bit bizarre to expect 250-300+ eggs from genetically engineered breeds when the heritage-type or landrace breeds average 150-180 which is more Mother Nature's norm. Of course, the size and number of eggs you expect from your breed of hen depends on how humane you wish to be regarding your breed selections. We have Silkies who lay about 100 eggs but still worry that the size of their 1.25 oz egg is a bit large for a 2-lb bantam.
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