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    Yokohama breed of chicken obviously originated from Japan. Although it came from Japan, it's only called Yokohama not because it specifically came from there but because the French missionary Girad exported the breed from the port of Yokohama. Hence, the name.

    The look of a Yokohama breed can appear really ornamental as if it can't be used for egg-laying and or meat production. In truth, the chickens from this breed are mainly ornamental. They usually hang out at the barks of trees. However, if fed with high amount of animal protein, they can lay an egg a day. They can even lay eggs during winter season. This is true to them even when they're small in nature.

    You would usually know a Yokohama chicken through its tails. It's long and it hangs low. Unlike the others, this one doesn't have tails that stand upward. Theirs are like white hair falling down.


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