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    Wyandotte breed are the chickens that look old in the face. This is because of their eyes planted deep with reddish flesh in the middle of dark-colored feathers in the head. They have clean legs and their feathers are loosely placed. Their colors vary from golden laced, white, partridge, to silver-laced among others.

    This breed produces chickens that are regularly creating soft clucks. This means that they tend to get noisy at times. But humans need not be annoyed with them because their remarkably very friendly. Breeders say that beginners can start taking care of this breed because of its friendly characteristic and the fact that it doesn't require high maintenance.

    Egg-laying is not much of a deficit to this breed. Hens of this breed lay eggs for up to 240 every year with a regular number of 200 per year. They lay brown eggs. Breeders love them not only for their eggs but also for their meat.

Recent Reviews

  1. braves55
    My Wyandotte's are awesome chickens they love to free range.There eggs are very good to eat.
  2. Diane
    "Great chickies for 1st timers"
    Pros - friendly, little trouble makers that are good for a laugh , good layers
    Cons - big mouths!:)
    I have 2 female sussex's, Hazel & Harriet, I call them the double trouble of the flock, they are always getting into some kind of trouble like bad little kids:) They also screech LOUDLY, I'm hoping my neighbors don't mind!
  3. outdoorsii
    "Great all around layer of brown large sized eggs!"
    Pros - Incredibly beautiful, consistent egg layer, tame, sweet :)
    Cons - Probably not GREAT in extremely hot temperatures
    I Love my wyandottes, I have 6, 1 roo & 5 hens, they're 10.5 months old & still going strong :) I've alread hatched out about 15 of their chicks in our incubator, got about 31 more in there right now. They are selling for $7 for a day old - 2 wk old chicks :) How much should they go for in Arkansas do yall think? b/c I can't find anyone else that has them!


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