Windsor Cackle... Castle... The Palace!

  • Home to Victoria, Kate, Pippa, Fergie, Camilla, Buzz & Ned... (Buzz & Ned's is a local bbq joint) This was my first coop for 7 bantams that free range all day. Built by a VERY good and PATIENT friend. I bought the plans on eBay I thought it looked pretty easy. The eBay listing said it could be built as shown, in cedar, for less than $300. ... Seemed perfect to me. That said, I am no carpenter. Nor have I bought wood in a very long time. Shall I say, the ONLY way that it could have been built from cedar and under $300 is if you already had the cedar! I completely expected it to cost more than the estimate... ANYTHING I have ever been involved in has been over budget! What I didn't consider was that cedar board sizes are not necessarily available in pine. ...Oops. Luckily I had already convinced my best friend's husband, a master furniture craftsman, to build it! He did use hardware, stain and concrete block that "we" had. We bought everything else. I believe the cost for wood, roofing and hardware cloth was about $400. It is overbuilt... all new wood and mostly 2x4s... VERY sturdy... Exactly as you would expect in furniture! My grandchildren will have it to share with THEIR GRANDCHILDREN. How cool is that?


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