White Plymouth Rock

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    Very Good
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    These are great birds for newbies to chickens. The hens will sit and hatch eggs if you want to keep away from the hassel of incubators. Hens are wonderful moms. The birds have a calm nature. Too heavy to fly, fences don't have to be very high. Make sure to keep fencing high enoughto keepbig preditors out and neeting overhead to keep flying preditors out. These have beautiful soft feathers. If given enough room you can house more than one Rooster with enough hens. Cockerels make very good fryers.

Recent Reviews

  1. kellylb
    "Great starter bird"
    Pros - Good broody moms, calm, nice large brown eggs 200 - 280 eggs a year, Dual purpose bred,no need for tall fencing
    Cons - dont know of any cons
    Great starter breed for someone new to chickens! Good broodies, calm hens and roos. Great layers.


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  1. Chcikenbrain
    One of the best breeds to own for sure