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    The Welsummer breed hails from eastern Netherlands and named after the village of Welsum where they are breed originally. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Welsummer breed was developed from a number of local fowls, the most notable of which are the Oprington, Brahma and Malay breeds. In 1924, it gained entry into the Dutch breeding standard, a bit prematurely considering it will take another five years before the official coloring and type are set.

    Welsummer chickens are noted for their dark brown and spotty eggs, and for their partridge colors, making them equally useful as layers and show birds. For farmers selecting eggs to breed, it's essential to note the color of the egg - lighter eggs signifies good layer, whereas a darker brown egg alludes to a poor laying.

    An all-around friendly and simple breed, Welsummer chickens are easy t get along with though hens can get broody late in the spring. In standard size, a rooster weighs seven pounds, while the hen weighs six pounds.

Recent Reviews

  1. TenHenAustin
    "Will continue to keep these hens and add a..."
    Pros - Friendly, excellent layer, beautiful speckled eggs, outstanding forager, tolerates our TX 100+ heat and humidity with no special considerations.
    Cons - none
    We love our Wellies and will add more in future. They are beautiful, pleasing personalities, excellent foragers, outstanding sitters, and are wonderful mothers. Their eggs range from large to jumbo, and are deep copper to light with lovely speckling. These birds will make you proud.
  2. lno545s
    "We've only just begun"
    Pros - sweet chick, very calm.
    Cons - Not sure yet
    My 12 year old daughter just bought her first chicken at a poultry swap. It's a 2 month old Welsummer. Introducing her into our existing flock was a bit of a nightmare (pecking order). But things calmed down right away. She still is very skittish around the older/larger chickens, but comes running right up to my daughter and tried to roost on her shoulder. We shall see if she stays a loving pet as she gets older. But my daughter swears she's the best chicken in the world.
  3. ladynblkus
    "happy with them they are very special breed..."
    Pros - They are the most Beautiful Chickens
    Cons - no cons
    just love them! The Roosters were on the Kellogg corn flake boxes for years! they are a very special breed!


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