• Egg Production: Great Egg Color: Dark Brown Egg Size: Large Purpose: Egg Production The wellsummer is an excellent, docile chicken. They are best known for their production of dark to milk chocolate-colored eggs with darker brown spots. Both roosters and hens are extremely beautiful but have completely different feather patterns. Roosters' saddle, head, and neck feathers are rich golden brown while the back, wing front, and wing bows are bright reddish brown. The hen's back feathers are reddish brown, strippled with black. The neck and breast feathers are distinctely lighter. They originated in Holland. They are hardy in winter. They are very intelligent and friendly. They have bare legs, are not crested, and have a single comb. Roosters are the stereotypical chicken as portrayed on the cornflakes box. There are three variations of the wellsummer: partridge, gold duckwing, and silver duckwing. I have heard that there are a few ways to sex the chicks at birth other than by looking at their sexual organs. I will post pictures at the bottom. On the female, there will be a very dark, very defined "eyeliner" mark. On the male it is lighter and less defined. Also, there will be a triangle on the top of their heads. As with the "eyliner", the female's triangle is darker and more defined than the male's. Roosters weigh 6 pounds and hens weigh 5 pounds. View attachment 354 View attachment 355 View attachment 356 View attachment 357

Recent Reviews

  1. bwalden
    "Great Breed"
    Pros - Beautiful Dark Eggs
    Cons - None
    I currently own 16 breeding age hens and 3 breeding age roosters. Also several juveniles. The are good layers of darkbrown, terra cotta, speckled eggs. Hens and roosters are overall docile and friendly.The originalKellogg's cornflakes rooster! Great breed to own, I do recommend!


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  1. A_team08
    I have a wellsummer named Penny she is so calm and even lets us hold her quite often, now my other two chickens are pretty mean and feisty.