W-M Acres Coop

  • I am almost finished with my coop and wanted to share a current pic of it. It's a 4'x8' replica of our barn. And because we may be moving soon, I have had to plan to make it mobile. So it's really a large chicken tractor. I still need to finish siding on both ends, put windows in, get wheels on it and build the run after I get it out of our garage.

    Also, I forgot to add, I have a Facebook page with more pictures of the coop when I started. http://www.facebook.com/pages/W-M-Acres/572193219461834

    It has all been built with recycled materials so far. I have only had to buy a box of nails, some hinges and some latches all totaling less than $10. I may have about $40 in the wheels if I can't come across any for free.


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  1. WM-Acres
    The coop is close to finished. I have it mobile so I can have our garage space back. I still have siding to finish and the door for the chickens to relocate. I'm also thinking of lining the interior with 1/4" plywood to cut down on drafts, but not sure if that would be overkill. There are some gaps in the siding I could just seal with caulk but I wouldn't want the chickens pecking at it or have some other issue with it. And where I nailed the shingles on there are nails poking through, so I don't want them getting a nail in the head. Still some work to be done before I get my chicks in a few weeks.