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    The Vorwerk breed of chicken was named after its breeder, Oskar Vorwerk of Germany, and came from the Lakenvelders, Wyandottes, and Rosecombs. This type of chicken is good for its meat and egg production. Vorwerk hens can produce an average of 170 cream-colored ang light brown eggs annually.

    Vorwerks are easy to feed and inexpensive as well. Also, they are quite strong and hardy and can easily adapt to its environment. Male vorwerks usually weigh 2.5-3.2 kilos and the average female weigh 2-2.5 kilos. They can also adapt to all climates. They appear in black buff black and sometimes called as Golden Lakenvelder in the United States, blue buff blue (pioneered in Holland) but is now said to probably extinct, and lastly and soon to be extinct, white buff white which was also engineered in Holland.

    Though this breed is not yet fully embraced by the poultry associations in the U.S., Vorwerk meat is accepted in other continents such as Europe.

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