two storey coop

  • Initially this coop was built big open light and airy. It was only when I found out that chickens don't really like that, that I added a floor, a roof with 8 laying boxes in the loft, with a ladder going up to the top. Inside there is a ledge to sleep on and a ladder. There is a coveted porch type of area. Generally they love this coop it is a combination of three different designs I looked at. I am not able to upload photos on the mobile app right now pity.


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  1. ChickensSayMoo
    Looks really great and love the chicken yard too! I am not sure it would be ok in the summer time here in Australia though; with the nest boxes up near the roof...mine would want an air conditioner ;)
  2. chicksrluv
    Nice!!! Like the big fenced in area for them!