The Wood Shed

  • This was an existing wood shed, 18 X 12. Behind one wall was a pool storage area, which became the feed storage and rear access to the nesting boxes. We cut a door through that wall in addition to the existing door on the other side of the shed.There is dirt floor with a mysterious concrete slab along one wall. We thought that would be a great place for our feeders and waterer.... until we built a roost along that wall so they could be close to windows in the heat. The floor of the adjoining room was open underneath, so we closed that in.

    We cut holes in the wall for windows and covered them with hardware cloth. Cut vents above them we thought we would leave open in the winter.... bad idea. We covered them up when it got cold. Their were plenty of open cracks and seams to give ventilation in the winter.

    There is an 8\' \"bridge\" from the coop to the run. The ground was too uneven and rocky, and we needed to leave access to the door. Chickens love the bridge. Hang there, run back and forth. Have all.

    The run is whole \'nother story. Need a space just for telling that......


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  1. sswanee17
    Looks like you made the most out of your shed and it looks real good. We did the same thing we made a chicken coop out of our shed that was behind the garage and I'll have to get some pictures and post it too. Your whole set up looks real nice!