• We turned my daughters tree house/swing/slide/sandpit area into a chicken coop in March 2012.

    I love the idea of free range chickens, and ours spend most of the week
    doing so; but I wanted something that would be snake & rat proof when
    closed up for the night. Also big enough & safe to leave them for a few days if need be.

    We mostly used recycled timber & tin roofing, thanks to a neighbour who was do a reno a few years ago...I knew we would find a use for it! :) The girls have an indoor dirt bath, but so far the haven't needed to use it, as we haven't had rain for months. It will be used in the wet season, I am sure!

    We have two barnevelders, three pekins & one silky, who seem to be
    pretty happy with the end result. It 'only' took a week of putting them on the
    roost at night (instead of the floor!) before they decided that they could do
    it themselves! Thank goodness! :)

    We have been still tweaking it here & there, but I think we have
    finally finished!


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  1. ChickensSayMoo
    Thanks! We live in the tropics, so winter is very mild here. It never snows here and we never get as low as zero degrees Celsius at night; rarely under 10 degrees celsius. Their winter roosts are quite cosy, but are well ventilated. I also use a couple of plastic curtains for really wet or cool windy weather. We are lucky enough to have lots of big trees that block most of the garden from strong winds and also provide plenty of shade in summer. :)
  2. Mamachickof14
    Love your coop...just wondering what everyone does come winter? Jen