• Great chicken coop. Keeps them cool in the summer and warm and dry in the winter.


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  1. rena88651
  2. Joeyj
    @troub Bought this ready made from a shed company. The whole set up is 5'x8'. The run part is @ 4'. This particular company only makes coops that have runs and houses. It would seem o me you could make a basic run that was 5x8 pretty easy and cheap.
  3. troub
    this is really nice. I am trying to get a run that looks like yours without the coop attached. did you make this or did you purchase it already made? how big is the run portion? what is the full size dimensions? its very nice. If I could just find a way to get the full size you have but only as a run instead of the coop being part of it, I would be sold!