• Chickens in my backyard again after many, many years! I love having my "girls" back !!! Right now just have 4 "rescued" (worse than) battery hens but broody momma will be adding to the flock soon! What do you think of the coop? (One with the rooster on the door) This WAS my hubby's hunting shack! Such a sweetie :)


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  1. vickiw
    @Apyl thank you Apyl! the "workshop" in the front is actually my first greenhouse my hubby built for me. (the south side is windows all the way around level with a 3+' deep "shelf") It has a greenhouse panel roof and lots of shelves and storage and I still use it in spring for seed starting. In the winter it makes a nice warm place to work and this winter will come in handy for tending to my flock :)
  2. Apyl
    I love your area. I want the little green house :)