The coop, looking for a better name, haven't come up with one yet.

  • The best thing about my coop is that it was free! A neighbor inherited it from the former homeowners, and they have no interest in having chickens so he was going to put it on Craigslist for free, thankfully he asked me if I was interested before he did it. The hitch was getting it out of where it was, the reason why it was left in the first place. We had to take it completely apart and carry it over bit by bit. But, it is here now and I love it. View attachment 772 It's 8x8, double walled and insulated. View attachment 773 My amazing husband started making improvements right away, new ramp View attachment 774 He put in new roosts View attachment 775 He built new nesting boxes View attachment 776 And a handy dandy storage cupboard View attachment 777 This last weekend I installed some remnant vinyl flooring for easier cleaning. View attachment 778 And I strung up some lights, our days are getting shorter and shorter. We are building a covered run, hopefully this weekend, weather permitting, so they will have a snow free area safe from the eagles this winter


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  1. Pollo
    Looks Great! This is almost identical to the one my other half is building me at the moment - great to see the inside photos of how you have arranged things - gives me some ideas!
  2. Janey
    Just wonderful, your girls are going to be very happy and very comfortable, well done.