• This is my new 5ft tall chicken coop. I am still in the process of painting it and it will be moved to the chicken area but I am painting it on the deck because it is cooler under the tree.

    * I love it because I don't have to bend over to open the hutch, it just lifts up using a hinge!
    * There is a separate door to access the nesting box on the end and on the other side the door comes off completely so a screen door can be added when it is too hot outside.
    * I painted the inside floor but I think I'm going to add vinyl so it is easier to clean.
    * Below is a ramp and little play gym for them to play. I will be adding a sandbox, a little mirror, a hanging bird treat and bells for them play with too.
    * The coop is moveable but I do not think we will be moving it. So I will attach hanging baskets with marigolds and basil to detract flies also it's a nice treat for the chickens!

    It is really BIG 5ft tall x 5ft wide (bottom), about 3 ft wide in the middle. There is so much room for my 6 little bantam chickens! ( could fit 12 bantams inside, but I am good with only having six).


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  1. SunnySideUpCoops
    They go up top. A red light can be added for heat or it can be moved into the garage or a warm old blanket with a tarp to keep it dry can be placed over it depending on the temperature or if it is going to be a hard freeze.
  2. berniceannab
    cute little coop. where do you live? if in cold winter states, how do you lock them up at night so they dont freeze?