The Chick Inn

  • My husband built our coop with mostly found material and no plans. He was able to look at a friends and come up with our model. We have 5 1yr old girls and 4 new ones. No roosters allowed. We've had so much fun watching our girls and eating their eggs. My husband made the ladder and roost out of trunks of cyprus trees we cut down and notched the ladder so we can move it to clean out the coop. The ends of the coop give us access to clean, also. We have only been raising chicks for a year. All information is greatly appreciated so thanks for your site.


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  1. garyk1398
    Very nice!
  2. wingman
    Very nice and secure coop - your husband did a great job!
  3. ramp45
    @thewhisperingoaks Thanks! I'm really proud of my husband and his building skills. And the girls sure seem to like it. LOL
  4. thewhisperingoaks
    that is a nice coop. i really like the vent system in the top.
  5. ramp45
    @cirrus107 Thanks! Would love to have more animals, but living in the middle of town prevents that. lol
  6. cirrus107
    This is so awesome. I am looking at something to bring mine closer to the garden/house area. I also have ducks and geese.