The Backyard Coop

  • I live in South Jersey outside of Philadelphia, Pa. My town is VERY convenient everything is with in walking distance. Friends, relatives, liquor stores, Wawa, the supermarket. I wanted to start to be more self-sufficient. I have a garden and now 6 chickens. Our house is about 50-55 yrs old and it was a fresh canvas. The yard was open and walls were white. So we build a walk-in coop. View attachment 324 View attachment 325


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  1. rochelle1115
    I really like the design of your coop, it makes alot of sense.
  2. jmturner
    very nice looks very well organized
  3. Elkie1
    I used to live in S. Jersey in Sicklerville but am in TX now. Love your coop! Eggcellent Job!
  4. grapes415
    this is very nice i like it a lot
  5. bevie55
    Very nicely done. It looks like it will drain well also. If you need the plans for a poop free waterer, let me know.