Taurimu Poultry

  • I am a breeder of Heritage Poultry & Red Shavers in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay East coast of the North island New Zealand.
    I breed;
    Australorps; Black
    Orpingtons: Black, Blue Buff & Splash.
    Plymouth Rocks; White & Barred
    Light Sussex
    Wyandotte's: Gold, Silver, White.
    Rhode Ilsand reds.
    Silkies; White, Gold, Black , Blue , Splash, Partridge.
    Aracauna; Lavender, Black
    Silver Capmines.
    Red Shavers in natural conditions.
    I show my birds at most Shows in North Island. I sell fertile eggs, chickens, Pullets, Roosters.
    I also Crush & make up grain mixes for poulty and on sell as well as othr Poultry Products.


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