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    The Sussex breed originated in England and bred as dual purpose chicken in AD 43. During that time, this particular breed is a popular backyard chicken in a lot of countries. The Sussex breed comes in eight colors -- though more colors are in development -- and in bantam size. Considered to be one of the most productive breed, the hen has the ability to lay four light brown eggs per week, and around 240 to 260 eggs annually. Olive green, a recent coloring in eggs, was introduced when the Light Sussex variety was developed.

    Although they are quite productive, both in meat and eggs, the Sussex is still considered as a popular exhibition breed of chicken. Aside from being the progenitors of modern broiler, historical facts show that on the coronation of King George, the Coronation Sussex was bred - though it is now a really rare breed.

    An alert and docile breed, the Sussex chicken is quite adaptable and is comfortable in both confined place and free range. One of its notable physical characteristic is its tail which is contoured at a 45 degrees angle. In standard size, rooster weighs nine pounds, while the hen weighs seven pounds.

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