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    Sultan chicken breed is one that originated from Turkey. They're most likely to get their name from the fact that they were the preferred ornamental breed for the Ottoman sultanate. With their rare look, people certainly enjoyed them as purely ornamental birds.

    They're ornamental because they look like male angelic warriors if there is such a creature. Their tail stands long while their head seems to be covered with feather in a circular form. The strange part though is their foot feathers. Aside from that, they also have five toes per foot which makes them appear more strange. Their combs come in V-shape which adds up to their beauty in their upper body parts.

    The hens of this breed lay eggs at a very slow pace. Their eggs are white. They're friendly type of chicken breed that's why it makes them a good ornamental breed. They appear in three different colors namely blue, black, and white. They're usually known for their white color.

Recent Reviews

  1. oakwood
    "Spectacular show breed ."
    Pros - Excellent show bird .
    Cons - Hard work keeping them clean and well presented for showing but well worth the trouble.
    If you do not mind the extra effort to have a well presented show breed .
    These are the ones for you.


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