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    The Stars breed of chicken is fairly standard when it comes to physical attributes - small red com, small red wattles, and red coloring around the eyes. But when it comes to egg-laying, this particular breed is anything but fair. Star hens have the ability to produce five large eggs per week. According to the American Poultry Association, Black and Red Stars are not actually recognized as official breed, given the fact that they are merely a sex-linked breed.

    Star chickens have distinct color of their own, even when though they just hatch. The Red Star is a cross breed of Rhode Island Red male and a Delaware Female while Black Star is a cross breed of Rhode Island Red male and a Barred Plymouth Rock Female.

    Star chickens are noteworthy in a lot of things - excellent layers, a good source of meat and excellent show birds.

Recent Reviews

  1. nblake1544
    "Very good breed if you want eggs and little..."
    Pros - Sweet, docile and good layers
    Cons - none
    This is my favorite chicken along with the White Rock, and they are better layers.
  2. armywifemike
    "good for meat eggs and bug contoll"
    Pros - egg machine's
    Cons - poor brooders
    i have never had any roosters, but the hens are great. docile and smart. mine come to me and eat out of my hand. the other chickens are to skittish. mine started to lay at around 20 weeks. i have 12 hens and get 10 from them a day!


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