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    A cross breed between the Frizzled Cochin and the Silkie, the Sizzle chicken breed is still attempting to be recognized as a legitimate chicken breed. Unlike other breeds, its egg productivity is also low and is not quite advisable for poultry breeding. Their eggs are medium in size and light brown in color.

    Sizzle owners say that sizzles have the sweetest personality. Just like dogs sometimes, they follow their owner when they are around. They also hop and jump a lot and viewers are amazed because of its curly feathers. They generally are docile, calm and this makes them easy to handle.

    Unlike other breeds, the Sizzle chicken is most commonly, if not mainly, purposed for ornament. The curly feather feature has caught the attention of pet lovers as well as its variety. Sizzles come in black, white, buff, partridge, blue, splash and gray or a variety/mix. They can generally live in any climate.


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