Silkie Bantam

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    Silkie Bantam chickens may not be the best in egg-laying, but they can be the best ornamental chicken there is especially in exhibits. The Silkies produce approximately 100 eggs annually. That's not much for egg-laying.

    Chickens of this breed are definitely considered as eye-candies. The white ones look like angels with their fluffiness and poofy-looking feathers. They look pleasingly good that they could almost be used as decors. Their legs may be bluish, interesting leg color, but one can't see them because they're all covered with feathers. This breed cannot fly and they don't run much that's why they don't need a lot of space.

    For temperature, they are safe in cold weather because their fluffy feathers keep them warm. They're not just beautiful, they're also easy to take care of. An interesting fact about this particular breed - they can look like puppies at times especially the white ones. Considering that Silkie Bantams are not aggressive, they can really make good pets.

Recent Reviews

  1. realsis
    "Silkies are wonderful pets! I really love..."
    Pros - Gentle smart quiet loving easy to train grreat mothers soft friendly well tempered and docile
    Cons - Broody prone to wry neck
    Silkies are my favorite type of chicken. They purr when happy and love human contact. They are gentle and quiet birds. They are easily trained and are the lap kitten of chickens. Silkies are like potato chips you can\'t just have one! I highly recommend a silkie. Mine bring great joy into my life!♡♡♥♥
  2. Sylvester017
    "Broodiness is the most annoying con"
    Pros - Brood often if you need a broody mom, consistently sweet temperaments, good foragers, entertaining to have as pets, good size egg for bantam
    Cons - Furry feathers can get messy fast especially the crest and cheeks, too gentle for mixed breed flock
    Would love to rate Silkies at 5 stars but one of their drawbacks is the appearance of their feathers when dirty. Where most chicken breeds can look clean and sparkly after dust bathing, Silkie fluff easily becomes matted around the face and cheeks. Their fluffy crests and cheeks catch all kinds of debris while they forage or eat. They get into tight places where large fowl do not fit and come out with spider webs, debris, and caked-on mud. These industrious little birds are just as busy as large fowl and quite capable of sounding barnyard alerts and hiding from predators. Our Partridge is actually the alpha leader of a mixed flock of large and bantam fowl! Silkies love a good dust bath as well as any hen so I only keep Black or Partridge colors. I allow my Silkies to roam freely outdoors with the bigger hens. They cannot fly but they have the cutest running jump when they hurry. I allow the crest feathers to stay out of their eyes so they can see better. Though they love it, I do not allow them to roam in the rain because the feathers get soaked cold to the skin. When not broody, each hen will lay 5 to 6 eggs per week at 1.25 ounces each! Great egg size for bantams, great temperament, great in a flock of gentle mixed breeds, great foragers, and exceptional surrogate broodies. I never keep Silkies in a mixed flock of birds weighing more than 5 lbs as larger breeds can bully Silkies.
    UPDATE: So much for keeping Silkies out of the rain. The last rain our Black Silkie slipped out to happily forage in the rain puddles with the bigger fowl. She was soaked and happy as a clam! She was dry and fluffy and pretty again by next morning.
  3. EdisNiksic
    Have four red silkie chicks and had four blue silkie chicks, but the blues have been dropping like flies. I dont know whats wrong. They do look smaller than the rec ones and oddly the ones that have died are the ones with the extra toes. My last blue silkie chick has a normal amount of toes (four) and it seems to be very active and healthy. Hope he doesnt pass too. The last one to die was my favorite. She had six toes on each foot.


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