Silkie Bantam

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    Silkie Bantam chickens may not be the best in egg-laying, but they can be the best ornamental chicken there is especially in exhibits. The Silkies produce approximately 100 eggs annually. That's not much for egg-laying.

    Chickens of this breed are definitely considered as eye-candies. The white ones look like angels with their fluffiness and poofy-looking feathers. They look pleasingly good that they could almost be used as decors. Their legs may be bluish, interesting leg color, but one can't see them because they're all covered with feathers. This breed cannot fly and they don't run much that's why they don't need a lot of space.

    For temperature, they are safe in cold weather because their fluffy feathers keep them warm. They're not just beautiful, they're also easy to take care of. An interesting fact about this particular breed - they can look like puppies at times especially the white ones. Considering that Silkie Bantams are not aggressive, they can really make good pets.

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