Sicilian Buttercup

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    Sicilian Buttercup is a breed that usually appears with golden feathers and a cup-shaped crown. Males come in strong orange and red with little black spangles on their body feathers. Their tails are a bit green bordering black. The females, on the other hand, appear buff because of their feathers which have elongated spangles in black.

    A breed from Sicily Island, the Sicilian Buttercup is said to have been imported from Sicily to other parts of the world in the year 1982. American breeders got attracted to its rich colors and used the chickens for exhibition. The head of this breed looks extravagant with a lot of details. Its neck has this hanging red flesh that varies in sizes among the chickens of this breed. It adds up to the beauty of this breed.

    In the US standards, the earlobes of this breed are usually white but for the British standard, they are red.


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