Shed Transformation

  • This shed was originally built for my husband's bio-diesel project, but when that went away, it had been just used for misc. garden tools. I was going to figure out how to move it to the back of the yard to be closer to the veg. garden, and away from neighbors, but the only sane way I could figure out to move it was with a rough-terrain forklift ($600 for one day rental). It's 12'wide x 4' deep, but it has "possibilities".

    Friends dropped by, and over a glass of a good zin, my girlfriend looked at the neighbor's yard and said "they obviously don't care about their yard, why move the shed? ". After looking at it again, and drinking another glass of wine, I decided to save me $600, and not worry about what the neighbors think.

    So, now, clean up around the shed, trenches dug to sink wire, holes cut for ventilation, nesting boxes, and ladder/run... there is lots of work to be done, but it has begun. I've been having dreams about the coop for weeks. I love the plotting and planning, making drawings, looking at supplies: so I'm having a ball. I'll post progress reports as I go.


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  1. mselainey
    We have our first egg. The girls seem to be adjusting, and love the snacks I bring out. Just received an email about someone who might have to give up their hens. I built the little coop for about 4 hens. Should have listened to everyone who said "build for expansion". I wonder if I can house 7 hens in a 4x4 coop without hurting them. The run itself is 12x8, so there is room there... Advise anyone?
  2. mselainey
    The first two hens arrived last night after dark. I have a speckled hen and a red-ish one. Don't know the breeds, but they are adjusting to the run and coop. I've been out there 4 times today to check o them, bring them goodies, add water, etc. So totally hooked! If anyone can identify the breeds, please let me know. (Last two photos posted)
  3. mselainey
    Second door hung, little "chicken door" up, odds and ends finished. Have some hardware to attach, but it's getting close to the Grand Opening.
  4. mselainey
    Painted the door to the run (green to match the shed door), added the front edge to the nesting boxes, a latch on the coop door, and a few fussy little things. Physical setback, knees are acting up, and a ladder climb is out of the question. Still want to make progress though. My neighbor down the street has to move to Texas, and can't take his girls with him, so in a few days, when I'm ready, I'll inherit 3 hens, and later on, some equipment, and his coop if we can move it over. Need to get a hurry on, but the old body won't move so fast.
  5. mselainey
    Lots of progress. Inside door framed and hung, wire "side" set in. Outside door framed, but need to run back to recycling place, as the hinges I bought are too wide for the doors. Nesting box dividers are in place, but have to figure out the front edge. I want to be able to take it off so I can easily clean the boxes. The linoleum works well so far, as I have been sweeping out the sawdust and construction debris. I put on a edge strip to keep me from catching my shoes on the edge of the lino. Not sayin' I'm clumsy but...
  6. mselainey
    Framed in the nesting boxes this morning. Inner partitions to go, and the "landing" to finish. PUt down the linoleum, and it's so easy to sweep out! Chicken nipples came in the mail. Now is the time to power through,school starts next week, and my time will be limited.
  7. mselainey
    So, now the wire is up in the yard, and the door has been changed to open to the right instead of left, (so I can put the nest boxes there). I'm using the wood from old pallets to cover the outside of the shed (it has OSB on it now...) Bought some linoleum at ReStore (Habitat's resale shop)for the floor of the coop (should make cleanup easier). Ordered chicken nipples. Truthfully, I'm having a ball.
  8. mselainey
    My husband loves me: he bought me a sledge hammer! I've spent the last three days working on the run, and now have the bottom wire and the base finished. Sunk the wire down and flared it out 12". Tired, sore and happy with the progress.
  9. mselainey
    Spent the morning clearing the ground for the fenced yard. Fired up the rototiller to help me dig down to set posts and lay wire. I'll make a trip to Home Depot to look over their wire and price the posts and other wood. Need to locate cage staples/clamps and the tool for clamping them.