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    Primarily used for naked heel cockfighting, the Shamo breed was originated in Thailand although recognized and recorded to be a chicken breed in Japan. Because of its history and origin (from cockfighting), the Shamo breed chicken is said to be very aggressive and can really cause damage if they choose to. They can be gentle with their owners but can also be really destructive when placed together near a fellow cock. They have a proud posture of a fighter that exudes power and strength. Though very athletic, they need extra shelter to spare them from the cold winter climate.

    Shamo breeds are classified according to their weight. First is the Chu and the other one is the O-Shamo. Chu Shamo are smaller ones which weigh from 6.6 up to 8.7 pounds and the O-Shame are the bigger ones weighing 8.8 pounds and up.

    Shamo hens are not very good in handling their egg and produce a low number of eggs a year. They pretty much treat their eggs the way they treat each other- both male and female. They don't have any specific color for their feathers and it's usually a mixture of colors or could also be a solid or prominent one.


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