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    Serama chicken breed came from Malaysia. In 1990, this breed was exhibited for the first time but in 2004, this breed caught the Asian bird flu. A bantam breed, Serama chickens lay eggs that hatch between 19 to 21 days. They mature in between 16 to 18 weeks then they can lay their own eggs after.

    A breed that is characterized with its scattered silky feather, a Serama chicken is usually physically muscled. Its breast is typically upfront with wings that are large proportioned to the body. Its tail stands tall from the back. When facing side view, the chicken of this breed would usually look like a letter S. In fact, there are times that their breast is like competing with its head like it wants to get rid of the head. Its wings point towards the floor which somehow looks like it's their legs.

    In the country of Malaysia, the Serama breed of chickens is considered to be brave warriors because of how they look like.

Recent Reviews

  1. scarlett
    "I have had my seramas for a little over 2..."
    Pros - Beautiful to look at, friendly, & easy to tame.
    Cons - Hard to keep feathers clean & so small all others want to pick on them
    When I got my hen & rooster, they were extremely sick due to poor living conditions. Since then my chickens have gotten better. My hen lays an egg every other day & they are so very little.


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