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    Sebright Bantam breed of chicken got its name from John Sebright, Member of Parliament for Hertfordshire who was into breeding chickens among other animals. He developed this breed that is now considered by the American Bantam Association as one of the most popular bantam chicken breed among nine others.

    Male Sebrights usually weigh in at 625 grams while females at 570 grams. They typical stand really small with their short backs. Noticeable are their large breasts and their wings that point downward. Their simple usual color of black and white with the black color surrounding just the side of every feather makes them look really beautiful in a simple way. They also have a golden version with the same arrangement of colors. It is consistent with their kind nature. But when around the hens, male Sebrights are most likely to be protective.

    An ornamental chicken, the Sebrights are not good for egg production because they only lay around 60-80 creamy but small eggs each season.

Recent Reviews

  1. xxisabellaxx
    "Great birds, but not recommended for first..."
    Pros - beautiful,smart, excellent show birds
    Cons - Flighty, poor layer
    I got my Sebright hen as a chick for my second batch of girls in 2010. It was my first time raising bantams but it was my second round of chicks. The key for raising a friendly, easy to handle Sebright is to handle it everyday when it's a chick. it made all thedifferencewith my hen, and when i take her to shows she is the calmest of my birds.
  2. Zyklonbetty
    "A great "ornamental" bird"
    Pros - Attractive
    Cons - Flighty, poor layer
    I would say this chicken is great if you know what you're in for. We hand raise our babies and have a large mixed flock. We were aware when getting a pair that they were poor layers, but were interested in them specifically based on how "cute" they are. I will say that they are absolutely that! Don't lay terribly well, but we didn't expect them to. They aren't "friendly" from experience- they will eat out of our hands but that is about it...very "flighty" and like to jump the fence and go "do their own thing" in the woods. They always come back- so we don't worry, but they have never integrated well into our flock!


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