Russian Orloff

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    The Orloff breed of chicken got its name from a Russian Count named Alexey Grigoryvich. This is why sometimes this particular breed is called the Russian or the Russian Orloff.

    A rich-feathered and tall chicken, an Orloff chicken usually looks fat because of its thick feathers on the neck and head. Their feather colors vary. There's black, white, red to black tail, mahogany, spangled, and cuckoo. It's a cold hardy breed of chicken due to its small-sized earlobes, small walnut comb, and wattles that are minuscule. A rare breed in the western part of the world, the Orloff breed is considered as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

    Although it's famously known for being a Russian breed, many research studies lately have gone to prove that this breed appeared in Persia before it was seen in other countries such as Russia. It was said to have been distributed to other parts of the world come 17th century.

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