Rosecomb Bantam

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    The Rosecomb Bantam breed of chicken is one of the oldest for bantams. This particular breed has gained a reputation of being ornamental chicken when King Richard III started raising them. They're essentially ornamental because they don't produce a big number of eggs and their meat is not good for production.

    Under the recognition of the American Poultry Association, the Rosecomb Bantams have three varieties - black, white and blue. But for the American Bantam Association, there are twenty-six varieties. One of the varieties is the Black Rosecomb Bantam chicken noted for its clean legs. Back in the 1800s, Rosecomb Bantam chickens would only be brought out during the poultry exhibition.

    Male species of this breed usually weigh in at 570 to 620 grams, females at 450 to 510 grams. For breeding, owners apply selective approach. This process has produced chickens with very attractive appearance but they fail in the egg-laying department.


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