Rolling coop

  • This is my rolling coop. I move it to fresh ground every 2-3 days. The wheels engage and lift it 3" in low setting or 8" in high setting. Moves with very little effort. Max capacity 14-16 hens. I currently have 11 hens in it and average 10 eggs a day. Built for $700+ labor.


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  1. RollTide
    I made it myself and had a buddy make canvas cover for it. It's great. I move it every 2-3 days a there is very little waste to deal with and chickens aren't living in their own waste.
  2. lyndaseybold10chicks
    Good morning, did you get your plans to build your coop, or did you make them yourself? This is just what I'm looking for. Could you please let me know. =)