Rhode Rock

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    Rhode Rock

    Rhode Island Red x Black Rock : English breed

    Good egg layers, cream coloured with some speckleding on shell.

    Eggs are long oval in shape, medium in size.

    The birds are friendly, easy to handle and look after and come in a range of gold and black colours.

Recent Reviews

  1. ladyt
    Pros - Easy to handle, medium sized bird
    Cons - None
    Great chickens for a beginner, easy to look after and handle and are very friendly.

    Good egg layers of long ovalmedium sized eggs

    They will feed out of your hand and sit on your shoulders..

    I now have 10 of this breed and will be getting more of them soon.

    Not a big bird but a good medium sized chicken.

    Would recommend this breed to newcomers and anyone else...

    They do not seem to suffer from scaly leg either.


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