Rehoboth Farm School of Practical Chickenery

  • Rehoboth Farm entered the chicken-keeping world in 2012, and we currently have 24 hens (3 Welsummers, 6 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 5 Golden Laced Wyandottes, 5 Black Australorpes, and 5 Ameracaunas/probably EE's) and 1 Welsummer roo. The coop is 12' X 12" outside, and has an entryway to store feed and supplies. The interior (which is painted pink & blue) is 8' X 12'. When the pullets are full-grown, they will be allowed to free-range, but for now are content in their fenced yard.


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  1. thewhisperingoaks
    very nice, i bet they are some happy chickens!
  2. mindyknappenberger
    One of the pics shows the door open, you can see a little . . .
  3. BrahmaMom
    The outside is beautiful...I want to see inside now!!!!
  4. kathyinmo
    Nice and cheerful!
  5. mindyknappenberger
    Thanks so much! The interior is pink & blue :)
  6. Janey
    How lovely it is. I love the cheerful colors.