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    The Redcap breed of chicken is of English heritage distinguished easily by its very large, rose-haped comb. From early to middle 1800s this breed was considered to be the most profitable fowls since this breed is very much suited in egg laying. A Redcap hen are good layers, able to produce three white eggs per weel. Aside from this, the Redcap breed has superior foraging and survival skills which is why they are ideal to raise in farms or backyard poultry. Also an adavantage in growing Redcap chickens is that they gorw up fast and are lively in general.

    When a Redcap chick hatches, it's color is that of mahogany with dark strips. The color pattern of the adult Redcap is only fully revealed up until on its second or third year. Though this breed is very much useful, around 1900 it fell out of favor and became nearly extinct in native England.

    Redcap chickens were recognized by the American Poultry Association as a standard breed in 1888 with only one variety. In standard sie, a male Redcap weighs about 7.5 lbs while the female weighs about 6 lbs.


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