Production Black

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    Proudction Black is another breed of chicken. In 1937, Ideal Poultry was founded in Cameron, Texas. This is a family owned and operated business which was recognized to have created and produced the Production Black breed. The Production Black is not recognized as a pure breed by the American Standard of Perfection.

    This breed was derived from a combination of breeds and turned out to be black, silver barred plumaged birds which is similar to The Plymouth Rocks. They produce white eggs and lay more than other breeds do. Meat production is not their primary purpose. Some call them California Greys and are said to have been crossbred from the Barred Rocks (also known as Plymouth Rocks) and White Leghorns.

    They are said to be temperamental and can even be hard on hens in intercourse. Not recorded as one of the smartest chicken breeds, their life revolves almost just around two things - sex and food. Not much is said about this breed other than the fact that although the breed is nto primarily white, thhese chickens are considered the most effecient white egg layers of the breeds and varieties.


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