Poultry Pickup

  • Our coop is a 1962 Chevy Truck, the Coope. The ladies roost in the cab and nest in the enclosed truckbed. They hop out the tailgate every morning and free range in our attached garden.


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  1. rena88651
    Up cycling at its finest! Very creative. I love the hen on the steering wheel too.
  2. PeepsMainiac
    That is really going "green." I'm sure your peeps love their digs.
  3. willandbekahsmom
    Pretty cool. I love how they hop out of the tailgate every morning.
  4. susiespark
    Hello, I'm new here. Love your coop! We're just about to convert half of a shed for our girls but this seems like a much smarter plan altogether, thanks :)
  5. Matunda
    What a fun coop! I love the pic of the hen on the steering wheel.
  6. dsfarmgirl
    An ingenious way of recycling an old broke down truck!!!
  7. ladynblkus
    guess its a redneck one........love rednecks! =)
  8. saphire
    Wow its brill, pitty we dont have enough space for one !
  9. TheChickenFountain
    I once saw a guy who did this to an old parcel van. I think it used to be a bread delivery van. He left all the shelves in and made nesting boxes on them. He just enclosed all around the van with a poultry fence and had an instant coop! Worked perfectly...
  10. wyandotte
    love it.....pretty inventive!