Poultry Paradise

  • This chicken run was easy to build and fairly cheap. The Cattle Panels can be picked up at about anywhere that sells farming supplies. It provides protection from hawks and other predators. I was forced to build my coop on a hillside so its not limited to flat ground. It is customizable as to how long you want the run, anywhere from one panel (approximately 4ft in width) to as long as you want the run, and the footprint can be customized based on height, i wanted to be able to walk in and allow birds to roost high up so i opted for less footprint. The whole run is additionally covered in chicken wire to prevent critters from getting in and smaller birds from getting out. The nest boxes are average 12x12. Overall the chicks seem very happy. The cracks in the roof rafters have been fitted with wire to prevent access, and allow for venting, also the hillside allows for additional drainage although over time i will add earth material to build it up lvl. any questions or comments are very welcome. Hope this design fuels interest and solves any design flaws you may be facing.


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