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    The Polish, though also called as Poland, does not hail from the country Poland as one would automatically assume given its name. As a matter of fact, the Polish breed of chicken is of European heritage. This type of chicken is famous for its crest of feathers, making them one of the most beautiful breed of chicken.

    Aside from the standard comb chickens generally have, the Polish breed sports a crest of feathers on its head because of a cone on top of their skulls. Although they are tame chickens by nature, the crest of feathers on their head hinders their vision. And with the limited vision, Polish chickens can be a bit temperamental.

    Bred primarily as a show bird these days, they were originally developed as egg layers. Polish hens are not broody though they are able to produce two white eggs per week. Polish chickens may be bearded or non-bearded and can come in different plumage color, though black and white is the predominant color pattern. Tails also varies, as well as the size of their wattles. In average, roosters weigh 6 pounds, while hens weigh 4.5 pounds.

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