Plymouth Rock

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    The Plymouth Rock breed hailed from its American namesake town. With the intention of creating a power egg layer, Dr. Benneth crossed four breeds of chicken – Javas, Cochins, Brahmas and Dominiques. Since they are known today for their egg laying abilities, it's safe to conclude that the initial endeavor was achieved. The breed was initially called Barred Plymouth Rock but when it was accepted into the American Poultry Association in 1874, the 'barred' was dropped when buff-colored Plymouths were bred.

    The breed is great for small farms or backyard flocks since they are dual purposed, as well as cold-hardy chickens. Physical characteristics the Plymouth Rock chicken has include a long, broad back with a moderately deep, full breast, and yellow skin and legs. One remarkable thing about their feathers is that despite already of mature age, they feel soft and downy like that of a baby chick's feathers.

    The most common color varieties found today are barred, buff and white. As established by the APA, a standard size male weighs 9 1/2 pound, while the female at 7 1/2 pounds.

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