1. cockslayer
    "overall a good guy"
    Pros - a good looking cock
    Cons - kind of an asshole sometimes
    This chicken is a joy to breed! Every hen dreams of the day they get a phoenix cock to impregnate them. The chicks are cute and yellow.
  2. dragomlover22
    "A great bird to own on every level"
    Pros - Sweet Natured, Sociable with all other chicken, beautiful feathering and colors
    Cons - Extra care for tail feathers, large coop
    I love my Rooster and bought him as a pet who ended up winning some show awards. He is very sweet, tame and just a joy to own. I don\'t feel like the larger cage or extra care for his tail is really that much of a turn off compared to the pro\'s this breed gives. Owning a phoenix is like owning a piece of walking history/art!
  3. buddysfarm15
    "Beutiful Longtail"
    Pros - Great and Cute Showbird Friendly
    Cons - Hard to Get
    I have a Silver Duckwing Phoenix Rooster He is Friendly But He is Hard To Get But When You get him he will stay on your arms and he will let you pet him